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Workshops are conducted by qualified & experience Aromatherapist / Resident Witch. We believe that every individual’s spiritual journey is unique and personal. All our workshops are designed to cater for individual progression. We look forward to share the journey with you.

Aromatic Magick

This Is an introduction to using Essential oils, Herbs and various Techniques, to be applied in your magickal practice or everyday life. This Introduction Course is designed to give you information on the history of Aromatherapy, understanding how Essential oils are not only for their beautiful scent, but also their magickal energies, which can assist in your practice. Learn how to create various magickal Items which can be for your personal desires examples; Protection, cleansing, healing, prosperity or even divination.

 I have designed this Course for you to learn and understand a brief overview of aromatherapy and Aromatic Magic, this course DOES NOT qualify you to utilise essential oils on anyone other than your house holds such as cleaning products, your spiritual wellbeing or magickal practice and for your own knowledge. Aromatic Magic is designed for you to understand the art of oils, creating your own blends, products and some knowledge on the spiritual uses for your magickal practice.

Duration:   1 hour / week
Price:          A$ 35 / class

Includes:   Notes & Materials

Strega Magick

In honour of my ancestors and my bloodline, I have created classes dedicated to Stregheria - the charms, spells and ways of the witch 🌙

Traditional Italian Witchcraft are handed down by word of mouth. Spending the past year putting together my heritage, history and traditions of the ones who walked before me. I am excited to share the magickal ways of the Mysterious Stregheria 🔮

Limited intakes, now commensing 😀

Brightest Blessings,

Duration:   1 hour / week
Price:          A$ 35 / class

Includes:   Notes & Materials

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we are here to help :)

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