All our Sessions are Fully Booked for 2017

Original Guided Meditation
by Eldar Crow

Come join us for a relaxation and rejuvenation evening. Let go all the stress and worries, recharge and refresh our mind.

Meditation is personal journey to explore your individuality and tap into your inner self. It helps us to reconnect the mind, body & spirit. It helps us to release fear and severe ties that no longer serve us, empowering our lives.

Our weekly classes will be featuring Guided Meditation written by Eldar Crow. He will be guiding us through journeys to unite with our higher self, bringing peace and clarity.

Eldar Crow will be interpreting messages from the meditation individually. The session will end with oracle readings. Suitable for all levels.

Details of the guided meditation as follow:

Groups of 2 or more - $ 30  per participant
Groups of 6 or more - $ 25 per participant
Individual sessions   - $ 35
Duration: 30 - 60 minutes
If you have any enquiries on our Guided Meditation Circle,
(group or private) Just drop us a message 🔮
For bookings and enquiries
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