Magickal Garden Oracle by Michael Cali

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<Magickal Garden Oracle>
Mini 16 Card
Deck & Reference Card Set
💖Self-published & made with quality thick card stock & smooth Matt finishing🌟

Artwork, Design & Text Copyright © 2020 Michael Cali
Printed in Australia, Self-published
by Michael Cali, Earthly Alchemy -

All rights reserved. No part of
this print and card deck may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any
form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or
mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the copyright


We are so excited to launch our very first mini oracle deck! This deck has been in creation for some time and we are finally releasing it. The “Magickal Garden Oracle” came to me over many sketches I had drawn over the years.It was inspired by vintage flowers and herbs.I felt it was time to create something that is unique to our energy and resonant with our soul purpose.

The Magickal Garden Oracle came to me while creating these botanical drawings. I wanted to create a deck that is travel size and can be taken with you anywhere at anytime. I feel that botanical decks only can go so far with colours, imagery and meanings. I wanted something to be vibrant and playful that ignites the intuition. You will notice the wording on these cards are written in a specific way to trigger your intuition. The deck can be used as a daily card draw or when you need some guidance from the plant spirits.

Inspiration was pulled from my own magickal garden, reminding me that these beautiful plant spirits can assist with divination. The other thing you will notice with this deck is it’s only 16 cards. I wanted it to be a mini deck, something that is balanced with the right amount of energy. The cards can be used with any other forms of divination if you feel you need some clarity.

I have always loved mini decks that can be taken anywhere and carried in a small bag. Magickal Garden Oracle is big enough for carrying and small enough to shuffle. I didn’t want a deck filled with 40 cards. I find that it will lose it’s original feel when I created it. I wanted to also mention, that I decided to self publish my own deck, I didn’t want my creations to be too commercial. I believe that this deck will reach the right people who resonate with this energy. It is authentic to me and what I love creating, I am free to express myself and keep it true to my energy.

We really do hope you enjoy this deck and connect with it in your own way.
Many Blessings & Happy Divining!

Michael Cali

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