Self-Publish Oracle Decks
-Coming 2020-

We are pleased to announce, that we have been working away over the last few years. This year we are launching 2 of our own self-published oracle decks. The Traveling Witches oracle and the Modern-day Strega Oracle. We have been creating this energy over several years and finally we are launching these creations for you to work with in your spiritual practice.
A little sneak peek on the oracle cards coming out this year 😊
Traveling Witches Oracle: is based off the idea of todays “Witchcraft” movement. Covering various tools, spirits and talismans in the witches practice. This oracle is designed to take with you on the go! (Travel size) or Pocket size. More of this will be announced soon.
Modern-day Strega Oracle: is a creation that I have held dearly to my heart. This deck has several charms, recipes, folklore and spells that can be interpreted for divination. We have given a spin of Modern-day Strega mix with the old roots of my family linage. More of this will be announced soon.
Stay tuned fellow Witchlings, we can’t wait to share these creations and bring them to life in the world!

Brightest Blessings,
Michael & Jason


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