Power of Merlinite

I didn't realise the magick of this stone until I really came across it. Merlinite also known as Dendritic opal is a very magickal stone, which is believed to be connected to the realms of Avalon and Merlin. As I worked with this stone, I found merlinite allowed me to work through my emotions, the deep dark shadow aspects within one self. Merlinite is a stone of balance as it focuses on the Dark and Light. When you look to this stone it is made up of inclusions of both, white and black fern like veins. Merlinite may remind you to connect to the natural realms while stimulating the psychic mind and bodies. It allows the wearer to be in-tune with their psychic abilities and learn how to harness or develop them. It is a stone of psychic knowing but also the "Spirit calling stone", This stone allows the practitioner to reach into the different realms and connect with spirit. This stone balances the Heavenly and Earthly planes as well as the Balance of Masculine (God) and Feminine (Goddess) energy within oneself. As I worked with this stone during the Mercury Shadow and Retrograde, it taught me darker aspects of myself. It allowed me to heal the unbalanced emotions, blockages and repressed memories that were hindering me from my true potential. As a witch, this stone is amazing to work with, it allows you to face the shadows and heal from past trauma or memories. This stone is also a great creative stone, it allows you to channel and connect with your creative spark. Not only through creative expression, but within your craft as well. This stone may assist you in healing the body on a physical level. If you are suffering from nerve conditions, stress, circulation issues or mental concerns, this stone will help ease the suffering. As I worked with this stone for my physical trauma for my face and spine, I found myself slowly healing and feeling rejuvenated I highly recommend this stone if you are on your witchcraft journey, as this stone will help you seek knowledge, attain spiritual enlightenment, personal power and healing. Get yourself a piece of merlinite today!

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