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Wow, we are in the 5th month of 2021 already. Time is starting to fly by & it feels like yesterday when I started putting together a newsletter and changing up our energy.

Over the next few months, you may feel as the energies can be combative and too much. We wanted our Protection parcel this month to have some protective magick for your daily practice.

As we always say, utilise the items within this box however you please. You can add your touch of magick to each item so that it becomes your practice.

We want to say once again a big thank you for all the support and love for our new ranges. We have had such a big response to our body wash and lip balm; we will be restocking as much of our products over May.

Candles will be making a comeback in limited quantities as our suppliers in Australia have issues restocking jars & ingredients. We appreciate your love & patience during these times.

Lastly, we will be creating a small batch of A5 Book of shadows folders for pages. We have been hand-picking all new materials and will release them over May. Blessed Be,

Belladonna Crow and Aster 😊

Hematite Crystal

Hematite is one of the first stones I purchased on my journey into spirituality. Hematite is a great stone to work within various forms of magick.

Hematite has this beautiful metallic silver, dark grey and sometimes red colour. When it is unpolished, it looks like iron ore or a rough magnet.

Hematite can be magnetised to help with physical body alignments such as blood disorders or pain relief. On a metaphysical level, it can be used to ground your body, grant protection and help remove blockages.

I remember I would take my crystal and rub it on sore areas of my body. The next day I wouldn’t have the pain in my body anymore.

How to use this stone:

- Spell it for protection and carry it in your pocket.

- When you need some grounding place a piece on your base chakra and feel it ground your body

- To release blockages, hold the stone in your projective hand and release all blockages within your mind. When it’s done, cleanse the stone with running water or salt.

- If you are going into a negative environment, carry a piece in your pocket to help dissolve any negative energy and protect the aura from negative energy.

Many Blessings, Belladonna Crow 😊

Protection Magick

Protection magick one of the first things I believe any witch should learn or know. Protecting yourself from anything that is not for your highest good is very important. There have been several times I’ve encountered various energies or situations that required protection.

I would carry my charms and talismans on me when out and about. In some cases, I’ve had amulets break being around someone negative.

So why do we do this? As practitioners, we can sense energy & we see the world in a different light. We are aware of how celestial bodies in the sky can affect us; other people’s energies when around us; or even worse case scenarios, when someone wishes us ill will or sending us harm.

As witches, we should learn to protect our aura from these energies as they are harmful. We can carry protection or lay protection around your home. By doing this, it creates a harmonious and protective space for your well being.

So what can I do?

· Create protection bags and hang them above doorways.

· Hang protective charms above your sacred space or bed.

· Create protection oils to adorn yourself or your home.

· Wear protective amulets such as a pentagram, eye or ankh when out and about.

· Create a witches bottle and bury it in your yard (be sure to take it with you if you need to vacate to a new home.)

· After you cleanse your home, lay some salt or black salt along with the doorways.

· Grid your home with protective stones such as Black Tourmaline, Hematite, Garnet & Obsidian.

So get creative and start making protective magick within your life.

Many Blessings, Belladonna Crow 😊

The Pentacle & Pentagram

The Pentacle is one of the most popular and oldest symbols found across cultures. Over time, the Pentacle has a negative connotation with “Satan” or Devil worship. As witches, we know that this is not true. It has been turned over time by religious groups to create fear among people.

The Pentagram and Pentacle are found in nature and our solar system. You can also discover this symbol across various churches and ancient temples around the world. They are either engraved in stone or painted outside and within them.

For example, the planet Venus moves in a shape of a star within our solar system; the apple seeds within apples are in the shape of a star when cut in half; when we look at the human body or the Vitruvian man diagram, it is in the shape of a pentagram.

So what is the difference between Pentagram and Pentacle?

- The Pentagram is the star without the circle (Penta meaning five and gram meaning diagram in Greek).

- The Pentacle is the Pentagram within a circle.

When we look at the symbol, it is technically the same thing. Witches tend to focus on the Pentacle as it represents the magic circle or five elements enclosed within. The five elements are Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. Each of these elements is found within ourselves and in nature.

We can harness these elements for our magickal workings and allow us to connect with these primal energies.

In this month's parcel, we handcrafted a pyro-engraved and hand-stained Pentacle disc for your altar. It is a physical representation of the symbol of protection & also balance. The five elements equally balanced within the circular wood slice. Use the Pentacle disc to charge objects, placed in a place of power or above doorways for protection.

Anoint any pentagram or pentacle with protection oil before wearing it. Personally, I wear a pentacle every day. Once a year, I would change it out for a new one keeping the old one upon my altar. Finally, I would like to encourage you to research and discover this symbol yourself, as it has so much rich history. There is a lot of information out there online. I would highly recommend starting with old books or occult encyclopaedias. Have fun discovering! Many Blessings, Belladonna Crow 😊

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