This is a cleaned up, edited version of the public domain classic. Inside this little book you will find several methods for telling fortunes with ordinary playing cards with clear, easy instructions. Contains additional vintage playing card images not present in the original book. If you are looking to learn how to tell fortunes with cards, this is an excellent book because it gives instructions for multiple methods of telling fortunes with playing cards. It provides instructions for telling fortunes with a full deck of 52 cards and describes the meanings of each card. It also provides instructions for divining with a 32 card deck, which is essentially a portion of a full deck, and gives the meanings of the cards along with their combination meanings. This book also tells the reader how to divine the past, present and future with cards. And that's not all - there are instructions for divining with a 21 card deck, a French system, an Italian method, a lottery and more! The author gives sample readings for each method and also shows how to answer specific questions using cards. Written in 1915, this is a classic book describing age old techniques for divining with playing cards that have been passed down in various cultures for centuries.

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards

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