Wiccan Meditation for Love, Peace & Understanding

Fiona has teamed up again with Paul Searles (co-writer/producer of Fiona’s 2008 ground breaking solo album ‘Witch Web’) to release her second album, ‘Magickal Life: Guided Meditations and Spells for Positive Change'. This spoken word album offers the public an opportunity to experience an up close and personal guided session with Fiona.

“Seal your love for a lifetime, say hello to your inner seductress or release a curse at the cross roads.” Fiona guides you step by step through ancient Witchcraft rituals for attracting love, enhancing love or saving relationships. She also offers you meditations to create sacred space, enhance your psychic intuition and increase your personal power.

“In creating this audio guide to transforming your life with magick and meditation, I addressed the most frequent issues and concerns people ask me – love, self esteem, courage and success. So many people say to me, ‘I really want to change my life and I am drawn to spells and rituals, but I am scared of doing it wrong!’ With this album I guarantee you will get it right and reap the rewards! And I am thrilled Paul could join me in creating his sublime sonic soundscapes that complement and enhance the magickal efficiency of every track - ‘Magickal Life’ is truly a relaxing and revelatory listening experience.” - FIONA HORNE

‘Magickal Life’ reflects hope and gives you the tools today to make positive changes in your life that will last a lifetime.


  • 1. Elements
  • 2. Psychic intuition
  • 3. Personal power
  • 4. Lifetime love spell
  • 5. Never repeat
  • 6. Self love
  • 7. Seductress
  • 8. Love wisdom
  • 9. Language of magick
  • 10. Save my love

Magickal Life- Meditation CD by Fiona Horne

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