🌙 3rd year anniversary edition - Witche
Sneak peak of our new WITCHES CHEST boxe

Next month's Witches Chest

How to Subscribe

1.) To sign up, click on the “Subscribe” button and fill up the forms.

2.) Once your account is setup, your < Witches Chest > will be billed with your selected
      payment method every month.

3,) The date that you sign up is the date where the next bill cycle will be charged.**

4.) Sit back and relax, your <Witches Chest> will be delivered to your magickal lair on

      every first week of the month!

Perks of subscribing the <Witches Chest> Monthly Magick Parcel

  • Never miss another Witches Chest again :)

  • We never believe in locked-in policies, you have the freedom to stop the subscription anytime! (Unsubscribe button located at the bottom of the page)

  • New perks & offers for subscribers will be announced soon, stay tuned :)


Terms & Conditions

  • By completing the subscription service forms, you agree to subscribe to Earthly Alchemy's Witches Chest – the Magick Subscription Parcel.

  • In any circumstances that the reoccurring payment could not be completed, the parcel will not be shipped until the payment is received.

  • Your first parcel will always be the following month's Witches Chest, which will be shipped on the first week of every month.

  • The subscription parcel system is created to help busy witches, to never miss a parcel in the future. The subscription does not expires, however you have the freedom to terminate/ cancel the subscription at any given time.

  • If you do cancel the subscription, it will stop after your final parcel has been shipped. If any payment has been charged for the following month before you unsubscribe, there will be no refund and your final parcel will be shipped to you on the following month :)


**  The date that you purchase will be the date that the reoccurring payment will be billed every month. The first parcel that you will receive, will be the one from the following month. For example: If you subscribe & made payment on the 15th of January, your first parcel will be the February edition <Witches Chest>, which will be shipped out on the first week of the month. The next bill will be charged on 15th of February, for the March edition parcel.


Feel like taking a break or stop the subscription service ?

Press the "Unsubscribe" button below to complete the process.

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